I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. My research examines how the degree of influence of the business community affects the use of military force in resolving disputes between economically interdependent countries. I have been the recipient of U.S. Department of Education’s East Asian Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) summer and academic year fellowships, the Herbert York Global Security Dissertation fellowship from UC San Diego’s Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, and UCLA’s Dissertation Year Fellowship. Earlier versions of my dissertation research were presented at the Triangle Institute for Security Studies New Faces Conference and UCLA’s Dissertation Launchpad. I received my B.A. from Hendrix College in Arkansas and hold M.A.s from the Universiteit van Amsterdam and the University of Chicago. Additionally, I have lived in South Korea, the Netherlands, and conducted extensive field research in Colombia. I hope you will explore my research in more detail on this website. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email or use the contact form.

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